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Excursions in Vilnius


  • Vilnius Old Town + Vilnius University (Vilnius City Hall Square, Gediminas Castle, for Catholics a well-known the Gates of Dawn with a magic painting of Blessed Virgin Mary  and a famous God‘s Mother painting, Vilnius University – one of the oldest and most famous Eastern European universities, Presidential Palace, the Cathedral, the Grand Dukes, Vilnius Cathedral and its dungeon, St. Anne’s church).

  • Vilnius Old Town + Amber Museum - Gallery + the Diamond Museum (the first museum of Diamonds in Eastern Europe, a variety of minerals and some precious stones, a unique collection of specimens of plants, seeds and insects trapped in amber are on display at this art gallery-museum, the whole history of amber from its formation to its possible applications is presented in an interesting and modern manner, a professional artist demonstrates the amber processing process).

  • Vilnius Old Town + the Hill of Three Crosses + Vilnius Defensive Wall (It is believed that once the pagans tortured seven Franciscans on the hill, they were nailed to crosses and thrown into the river. Now in this place stand Three Crosses monument made by architect and sculptor A. Vivulsio. Vilnius Defensive Wall - Bastion - the original construction of the Renaissance architecture of the defensive structure).

  • Vilnius Old Town + Uzupis (The artists' republic – Uzupis has its own anthem, constitution, president, bishop, two churches, one of the oldest cemetery in Vilnius Bernardine, seven bridges and mentor - Uzupis bronze angel ...).

  • Vilnius Old Town + The Amber Museum + Sculpture Park (Vilnius Cathedral dungeon, St. John‘s Church, where the drink is made of amber, Vilnius skyscraper roof, the "Park of Europe" in the geographic centre of the European continent “).

  • Vilnius Old Town + Verkiai Palace (Verkiai Palace is an 18th century neoclassical mansion in Verkiai. The palace had a little theatre, large library, and a small gun museum and was surrounded by a park).

  • Vilnius Old Town + TV Tower (Vilnius TV Tower is the tallest structure in Lithuania, has an observation deck 165 m from the ground houses, the cafe “Milky Way”, offers a picturesque view of the city and its surroundings, and sports a rotating platform that revolves once every 45 minutes. Since 2000, the tower has been decorated to resemble a largest Christmas tree in the world each Christmas season. Also Vilnius TV Tower became the biggest basketball hoop in the world during the 2011 FIBA European Basketball Championship)

  • Vilnius Churches (The Gates of Dawn, The Cathedral, ST. John's Church, ST. Anne's Church, Bernardine's Church, ST. Casimir's Church, ST. Catherine's Church, etc.).

  • Vilnius Old Town + Shrines (Church of the Blessed Mother of God, Vilnius Choral Synagogue, Vilnius Evangelical Reformers’ Church, Znamenskoye Orthodox Church...).

  • Vilnius Old Town + Monuments (Three Muses, Monument to C. Sugihara, Barbora Radvilaite, Monument to Basketball, Three Crosses, Monument to King Mindaugas, Uzupis Mermaid, Uzupis Angel, Monument to Grand Duke Gediminas...).

  • Vilnius Old Town + Planetarium (The planetarium of Vilnius University is the only one specialized information centre of astronomy and natural sciences in Lithuania and the Baltic states where the starry sky observed in different places of the Earth as well as phenomena occurring in it are displayed with the help of unique protection equipment in the dome-shaped Hall of Stars).


Price depends on the size of group. Excursions can be organized every day, by your own route. Tourist group size is not limited. Just tell us what you are interested in, and we will do our best to organize an unforgettable trip for You!

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