Entertainment in pre – war Kaunas – cinema

Possible departure cities: Kaunas
100 €
1 Lithuania
100 €

During the tour of Kaunas with “Our Odyssey” you will have a fun walk around the center of Kaunas to get acquainted with the mecca of pre-war Kaunas entertainment – cinemas. In addition, a preview of the first Lithuanian animated film 🙂 After walking along “Laisvės” Alley, we will find out when and where the first cinemas of the city were opened. We will get acquainted with their history and repertoire, hear intriguing stories about the creation of the first Lithuanian films. We will find out which cinema was the most modern not only in Kaunas, but also in the Baltics, where the most perfect sound equipment was installed and what connects Kaunas Žaliakalnis with world-class animation. At the end of the tour, a surprise awaits – a screening of the first animated film “Beetles” created by Lithuanian star-speaking director, pioneer of puppet animation L. Starevich, who was spending his summers in Kaunas.

“Our Odyssey” team wishes you pleasant experience on your tour of Kaunas.


Date: according to your request

Duration: up to 2 hours

Route: Kaunas city

Price: 100 €

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