Soul aristocrats

Possible departure cities: Kaunas
120 €
1 Lithuania
120 €

During the tour of Kaunas with “Our Odyssey” we will get acquainted with the history of Žaliakalnis and soul aristocrats, who were characterized by high culture and education, elegant behavior, clothing and lifestyle, strong sense of responsibility and strong duty. In Vaižganto Street we will get acquainted with buildings reminiscent of many famous people: Putin, Vaižgantas, S. Neris, U. Babickaitė, A. Graičiūnas and many others … In the house of scenographer L. Truikis and opera prima donna M. Rakauskaitė we will get acquainted with this couple’s non-standard lifestyle, with the traditions of hospitality gathered in truly valuable collections of Eastern art and worship, we will feel the special spirit of these houses, the harmony of Eastern and Western religions. At Ch. Sugihara’s house, we will learn why and for what this exceptional personality became the righteous of the world.

“Our Odyssey” team wishes you pleasant experience on your tour of Kaunas.


Date: according to your request

Duration: up to 3 hours

Route: Kaunas city

Price: 120 €

Price does not include: L. Truikis Memorial Museum, Ch. Sugihara House

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